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Essential Captain America Graphic Novel Volume 4

AUD $ 14.50
AUD $ 19.99

Written by STEVE ENGLEHART, STEVE GERBER, TONY ISABELLA, MIKE FRIEDRICH & JOHN WARNER Penciled by SAL BUSCEMA, ALAN WEISS, FRANK ROBBINS & HERB TRIMPE Cover by JOHN ROMITA After gaining superhuman strength, the Living Legend learns he'll need every bit of it against such team efforts as the Crimson Cowl's Crimewave, the Serpent Squad and Nightshade's Werewolves! Alongside his crime-fighting compatriot, the Falcon, Cap discovers secrets in the shadows of eras past devised by Dr. Faustus, the Yellow Claw and the mysterious Phoenix - but a final battle with the Secret Empire throws Cap's future into question! But when Cap dons the cape of the Nomad, will the Falcon stick with him or stand by his replacement? It may be a question only the Red Skull can answer! Guest-starring the Avengers, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men and Namor the Sub-Mariner! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA #157-186..

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