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Essential Daredevil Graphic Novel Volume 4

AUD $ 12.50
AUD $ 16.99

Written by GERRY CONWAY, GARY FRIEDRICH, STEVE GERBER & STEVE ENGLEHART Penciled by GENE COLAN, BARRY SMITH, ALAN WEISS, SAM KWESKIN, SYD SHORES & DON HECK Cover by RICH BUCKLER Who else but Marvel would set up a robot from the future to play matchmaker for a femme fatale and the Man Without Fear? Mister Kline's android-laden efforts steer Daredevil and the Black Widow together for a trial whose tribulations could mean the end of the fabled Nelson and Murdock partnership! Then the redman and the lady in black relocate to the City of the Golden Gates, but that's not Cupid aiming at them: It's Hawkeye the Marksman! Plus sagas of savagery in South America, indestructible intrigue, and cosmic conflicts with both sides against the Earth! Also featuring the Purple Man, Electro, the Owl, the Gladiator, and more from Daredevil's enclave of enemies! Guest-starring Spider-Man, Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Avengers! Collecting DAREDEVIL #75-101 and AVENGERS #111. .

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