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Evergreen Graphic Novel Volume 1

AUD $ 19.95

(W) Yuyuko Takemiya (A/CA) Akira Kasukabe. From the author of New York Times-bestseller Toradora! comes an all new manga series! Yoshimatsu Hotaka has a dark past, although you'd never know it. As a second year high school student and president of the school's manga club, Yoshimatsu seems like your average, well-acclimated teenager, but a past surgery and a present handicap haunt him. Lacking the confidence to approach the radiant female ace of the swim club, Niki Awaya, Yoshimitsu can only admire her dazzling beauty from afar. So when a chance opportunity allows for a meeting between Yoshimatsu and Niki, what does the future hold for such disparate individuals? Could they possibly have more in common than meets the eye?.

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