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Giant-Size Phantom Annual #5

AUD $ 16.50

212 pages. Features: The Phantom of Shangri-la - written by Dick Wood, illustrated by Jim Aparo.  The Phantom Ranger - The Valley of Hope - written and pencilled by Romano Felmang, inked by Max Fish. Planetman - by Lloyd Piper.  Planetman - 2nd story by Lloyd Piper. Planetman - Understanding the Gravity of the Situation - written by Christopher Sequeira, pencilled by Massimo Gamberi, inked by Luca Giorgi.  Catman - The Women Warriors - by John Dixon.  Sir Falcon - by Peter Chapman.  The Raven - by Paul Wheelahan. The Panther - Jungle Fury - by Paul Wheelahan. The Phantom Ranger - by Jeff Wilkinson. Cover art by Glenn Lumsden .

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